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Single Life

Life as a single person can be a vocation from God! It is not simply reserved as the last “default” option, but the single life can be the way we serve God and one another.

The vocation to the single life is a vocation to generosity. Single women and men usually have more freedom than those in other vocations. They tend to have more time, energy, and sometimes money to give themselves in service of God and others. Single people can become examples of great service and generosity. Often it is single people who do so much to make things happen. The vocation to the single life is a gift to the Church!

While all are called to live as single people for a time before or between other vocations, some are called to live the single life permanently. With their freedom, single people have a vast array of possibilities in front of them. A strong prayer and sacramental life and participation in your parish community are great ways to discern how to live the single life generously working for Kingdom of Heaven.

If you are single and believe God may be calling you to live this way as your vocation, we encourage you to explore and discover ways in which you can become involved and give your life in generous service!

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