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Litany for Vocations in the Diocese of Gary

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Lord have mercy Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy Lord have mercy

After each of the following respond: Have mercy on us.

God the Father, Creator of the universe
God the Son, Redeemer of the world
God the Holy Spirit
Holy Trinity, one God
Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
By your Sacred Heart
By your Holy Name 
By your Holy Nativity
By your Holy Cross

After each of the following respond: Pray for us.

Holy Mary, Mother of God
Holy Mary, Notre Dame
Mary of the Immaculate Conception
Mary of the Assumption
Our Lady of Grace
Our Lady of Sorrows
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Our Lady of Consolation
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of the Lake
Queen of All Saints
Holy Angels of God
St. Michael the Archangel
St. Joseph, spouse of Mary
St. Joseph the Worker
St. Ann, mother of Mary
St. John the Baptist
St. Peter
St. Paul
St. Andrew
St. John the Evangelist
St. Mark
St. Luke
St. James the Less
St. Matthias
St. Stephen the Martyr
St. Martin of Tours
St. Helen
St. Monica
St. Patrick
SS. Cyril and Methodius
St. Edward
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Dominic
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Catherine of Siena
St. Teresa of Avila
St. Bridget
St. Stanislaus
St. Thomas More
St. John Kanty
St. Casimir
St. Adalbert
St. Joan of Arc
St. John Bosco
St. Margaret Mary
St. Francis Xavier
St. Maria Gorreti
St. Elizabeth Seton
St. John Vianney, patron of parish priests
St. Therese of Lisieux, patroness of vocations
St. Theodora Guerin, proto-saint of Indiana
All you Holy Saints of God

After each of the following respond: Protect them, O Lord.

For our Holy Father, Pope Francis
For our Bishop, Donald Hying
For our Bishop emeritus, Dale Melczek
For our priests
For our deacons
For all religious men and woman
For our seminarians
For all married couples
For all parents
For all widows and widowers
For all those called to the single state of life
For all who minister in the church
For all of our lay faithful.

After each of the following respond: Lord, hear our prayer.

For an increase in vocations to the priesthood
For an increase in vocations to the diaconate
For an increase in vocations to the religious life
For an increase in vocations to roles of service in the church
For openess of mind and heart to hear God’s call
For courage to consider the possibility of a vocation
For guidance in the discernment of a vocation
For generosity in responding to God’s call
For the perseverance of our seminarians
For God’s blessings on all of our retired priests, deacons, and religious
For peace in the world
For the health of the sick 
For the relief of the poor
For all exiles and migrants
For all those persecuted for the faith
For the safety of those who serve in our military, diplomatic corps, and government
For the comfort of the dying
For the grace of a holy death
For the eternal repose of Bishop Andrew Grutka, Bishop Norbert Gaughan, and our departed priests, deacons, and religious
For the eternal repose of all of the faithful departed

Christ hear us. Christ graciously hear us.

Lord Jesus hear our prayer. Lord Jesus hear our prayer.


Priest (or Deacon):Let us pray.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You are the Good Shepherd;
You never leave your flock untended,
raise up in your Church
holy and devoted priests and deacons,
and religious men and women
devoted to the evangelical counsels.
Guide, protect, and sustain
all the pastors of your flock,
and grant health and growth in holiness
to all of the baptized whom you call to 
the dignity of a royal priesthood.
This we ask of you, Lord Jesus,
through the intercession of your most holy Mother,
St. Joseph her spouse, and all the angels and saints.
Glory be to you, and to your All-merciful Father,
and to your Life-giving Spirit,
one God forever and ever. Amen.