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Robert Budzius

College IV

School: Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary
Home Parish: St. Patrick

I come from a family of five with an older brother (Andrew) and a younger sister (Katie); my parents’ names are (Anne) and (Dave). We were born and raised in Chesterton, IN., and went through the Dunland Public school system.

What draws you to the priesthood?

Plain and straightforward, Christ himself. Expounding further on this concept: firstly, the priest is the one who can celebrate the sacraments, which is incredible, but not the primary reason I’m interested. Secondly, the priest is in persona Christi to all. He acts for all as the person of Christ, which is also fantastic and grace-filled but is still not the primary reason. This list can continue further, but the primary reason which draws me to the priesthood is Christ’s love for me. I care most about the love which the lover and the beloved share and exchange. They give themselves entirely to each other, but the beloved’s love (my love) is tasteless without the lover (Jesus) filling me with His love. In my relationship with the Trinity, I am drawn to discern priesthood.